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We have the best genetics available from the early Group 00’s up to the late Group 5 soybeans.


Whether you’re looking for high pH soil tolerance, nematode resistance, brown stem rot tolerance, or just high yield.


We can help you plan your complete management program to unlock the yield potential of your soils and seed.


Hefty Brand Seed is great yielding at a reasonable price. Ask us about our early order programs for the best deal of the year.

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Featuring 7 locations in eastern North Dakota and north west Minnesota

Other Seed

Contact your nearest Agronomist to see what’s available at your Hefty Seed location.

  • Beet Seed
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Wheat Seed
  • Canola Seed
  • Dry Edibles Seed
  • Field Pea Seed

Crop Protection

Hefty Seed JAG carries all brands from the major suppliers and a full range of the best generic lines.
Contact your local agronomist to help you find the most efficient product to use.

Crop Nutrients

Hefty Seed JAG can help you get pricing, order, and directly ship all bulk fertilizers.

Buying bulk fertilizer with Hefty Seed Company saves our customers up to 25% compared to other suppliers. Plus, we offer direct deliver to your farm in full or split loads, great prepay programs, and early shipment discounts. We don’t have additional costs and expenses like fertilizer plants or operating application equipment, so we have no reason to markup fertilizer prices! Purchasing bulk fertilizer with us easy and simple – work with your local Hefty Agronomist to create a fertility strategy, and get the product shipped or delivered right to your operation.


For Water Pre-Treatment
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Water-Rite is a specialty water pre-treatment designed to bind calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper in order to neutralize their negative effects on biological ingredients. It will also prevent hard water scale build-up in pivot and drip irrigation systems.

Financing Available

Ask your agronomist about the several options of financing we offer to find the one that will fit your needs best.